It’s About the Content, Not the Container

Warhol's Campbell's Soup cans

Andy Warhol’s original Campbell’s Soup cans artwork on display at the MoMA, New York.

Andy Warhol created his famous Campbell’s Soup artwork in part to rail against the uniformity of bland, undifferentiated American commercialism. A simplistic characterization? Absolutely. Look more closely at those seemingly copy-and-paste cans and you see a wide variety of pedestrian and exotic flavors: consommé, black bean, celery, split pea, chili beef, minestrone…

Sometimes it seems as if print media and online are similarly categorized: as if the medium (the can) is more important than the contents (the soup). Media content is boisterous in its heterogeneity. Let’s not allow the characterization of work to be narrowly defined by our own thinking, or worse by our own. Good content is good content no matter how it is packaged and delivered to the end-user.